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DRAWN HOME  (2013-17)

My apartment is my home, and I have drawn every object in it. The only exceptions were art, ephemera, and detritus. Although I drew some of those objects too. Every object is drawn either to scale or larger. The entire project is comprised of 792 drawings, 13 prints, and 13 sculptures. First drawing to last: four years.

When I began Drawn Home I thought of it as a still life project. In part, that is true. But it became clear after a short time that it was more of a self-portrait project. The objects of one’s home, (intentional ones as well as random ones acquired by chance), are not only things, but also representations of needs and desires that reveal one’s self. This has been an obsessive process, with a parallel to the psychoanalytic: digging around in hidden places, uncovering forgotten memories, and presenting it all.


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