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BRAIDS  (2004-13)

Some of these works approach the realm of eccentric abstraction and are usually intimate in nature, sometimes erotic. Over the years, with a nod to Surrealism, I’ve worked with forms that convey both male and female qualities.

I scavenge. And even when not, as I walk down a street, I’m aware of objects set aside. Chairs abound. I’ve carried many home for more than a few miles.

The braids impose a presence onto the found objects. They sometimes reflect back a sense of isolation and absence. These anthropomorphized Braids elicit issues of intimacy: desire, fear, trust. Acts of faith. Trusting chairs.

Braid Portraits are all drawn from life. Each sitter braids their own hair; their choice of braid and technique convey aspects of their personality. The sitters almost always say, with surprise, that the drawing does in fact capture their persona.

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